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The People's World Conference on Climate Change: Civil Society Has a Voice in Bolivia

This week, from April 19-22, Bolivia is hosting the People's World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (CMPCC), where over 20, 000 people have gathered to debate the causes of and solutions to Climate Change.

Unlike the December 2009 United Nations conference in Copenhagen, this conference is a broad forum, open to both civil society and government representatives. 

The agenda priority include: climate debt, climate change migrants and refugees, greenhouse gas emission cuts, adaptation, technology transfer, financing, forests and climate change, shared visions and Indigenous Peoples.

See the program of events.

From the program:

The goal of this People's World Day is to advance an agenda promoted by the organized communities and social movements in dialog with the governments committed to Life and in favor of working with their people to construct the principal of Living Well and prevent the impacts of climate change. The conference proposes to analyze the structural causes of climate change. For the survival of the planet Earth and in defense of life, proposals, strategies, and specific actions will be developed to attack the causes.

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