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Nations Gather at the United Nations for Review of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

More than one hundred nations gathered today at the United Nations headquarters for a review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Five years after the last review failed to establish a clear agreement for disarmament, MADRE calls for a renewed push towards a nuclear-free world.

Last month, US President Obama held a nuclear summit in Washington, DC, making some progress in securing concrete commitments from participating countries. These included the elimination of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, as well as new funding for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

However, US nuclear policy remains a major obstacle. The 2011 federal budget for nuclear weapons research is expected to top $7 billion. Moreover, nuclear testing and dumping practices have irrevocably polluted communities, especially on Indigenous territories, and the push to expand nuclear power has created pressure to build new uranium mines on Indigenous territories in New Mexico.

Last weekend, thousands of anti-nuclear protestors gathered in New York City, to denounce the continuing threat that nuclear technology represents and to push for concerted action from the countries now gathered at the UN. MADRE supports this call and joins in their vision of a nuclear-free world.

May 3, 2010