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Message from Yifat Susskind, MADRE's New Executive Director

After 14 years as part of the MADRE staff, I have the honor of being our new Executive Director. As a MADRE supporter, you understand what a unique and powerful organization this is. You understand that MADRE gives us a way to act on our strongest beliefs and connect with the world's bravest women, who are working for peace and human rights against terrible odds.

And I hope you understand–as I do–how critical you are to this work. Not just because our sister organizations are counting on your financial support to fuel the life-saving programs they've created with us over the years. But because your participation, your presence in this work, is what gives our sisters hope. It lets them know that they aren't forgotten and that you believe in their ability to make lasting, positive change–for themselves, their families, and the world.

MADRE is the engine of that change. Through the programs we build together, we can see that solutions to the most urgent challenges are within our grasp–because across the globe, our partners are making them a reality.

But none of it can happen without you. So I hope I can count on your continued support as I move into my new role in the leadership of MADRE.

I wouldn't trade for anything in the world all the years that I have worked with Vivian, who is our outgoing director and now MADRE's Senior Advisor, with our sister organizations and with you. I'm looking forward to deepening our work and continuing to partner with you to make women's human rights a reality across the world.

Thank you for being part of this important work.


January 20, 2011