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Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women's rights

Join MADRE and other progressive organizations by supporting the Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) Campaign.

You can sign the petition (below) through Amnesty International's website: sign the petition here.

The United Nations is a galvanizing force in setting new international standards and commitments to protect and promote women's human rights especially those at risk of violence, or facing poverty. But the UN's capacity to support national implementation of these international agreements is woefully underfunded and inadequate. This has limited the potential for women around the world to fully enjoy their rights in practice.

The four small UN agencies exclusively dedicated to women's issues lack the necessary status, funding and country presence to enable the wider UN system and national authorities to fully implement their obligations. Other, larger UN agencies, sometimes can make a difference, but advancing women's human rights and gender equality is usually a small part of their mandate. And none of these agencies are adequately supporting the important work of women's human rights defenders.

In September 2009, after years of persistent campaigning by women's human rights advocates around the world, all 192 member states of the UN General Assembly finally adopted a resolution agreeing to the creation of a consolidated and stronger UN agency for women.

"The General Assembly has at last taken decisive action to create a new gender equality entity on the eve of the 15th anniversary of the Beijing women's conference in 2010. It is a great victory for women's rights as well as for the coalition of women's and other civil society organizations. Now we must ensure that it is a robust and transformational body, capable of advancing the realization of women's rights on the ground, urgently and effectively." 

- Charlotte Bunch, Founding Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership, USA.

In order to achieve this, the agreed new women's agency urgently needs sustained political commitment from all governments and immediate, substantial funding to ensure its effective establishment and success. 

A global network of over 300 women's, human rights and social justice groups representing millions of people, are campaigning for a new strong UN agency for women to effectively support the protection and promotion of women's human rights. Show your solidarity for women worldwide and sign the global petition to the President of the UN General Assembly!

As the representative of all 192 UN member states, the President of the UN General Assembly, His Excellency Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, can help to prioritize the establishment of the new UN women's agency, making sure it becomes fully operational in 2010 - the 15th anniversary year of the Beijing World Conference on Women.

The new agency for women must have:

  • World coverage and the necessary country presence and strong policy and programmatic mandate to effectively improve the lives of women worldwide.
  • Accountability mechanisms in place at both national and international levels, including through meaningful involvement of civil society, particularly women's non-governmental organizations.
  • Substantial and predictable resources to ensure the capacity to meet expectations and deliver results at all levels. It must be funded initially at a minimum level of $1 billion USD, with increases over time.
  • An Under-Secretary-General, appointed in 2010, in order to lead the agency

Sign the petition and show your support for a new strong UN women's agency!

May 26, 2010