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MADRE Stands in Solidarity with Indigenous human rights defender Aida Quilcue

On December 16, 2008, Edwin Legarda, the husband of Indigenous human rights defender Aida Quilcu�, was killed by Colombian army personnel when they fired 17 shots into the vehicle he was driving. Aida Quilcu� had recently returned from Geneva, where she testified before the United Nations Human Rights Council concerning violence against Indigenous Peoples in Colombia. Many speculate that the attack was meant for her.

MADRE condemned this assassination after it happened and we now recognize the guilty verdict that was issued late last week against six of the seven Colombian soldiers accused of Legarda's murder. We stand in solidarity with Aida Quilcu�, who continued to face death threats and personal attacks throughout the duration of the trial. Despite these obstacles, she remains a leader in the Indigenous community, and MADRE is proud to be able to support her work.