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MADRE Endorses Mobilization of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

MADRE stands with the thousands of protesters who have occupied Wall Street and with their allies worldwide. They act to confront corporate greed, rising unemployment and harmful economic policies that have undermined communities in the US and around the world. 

MADRE partners with grassroots women to end poverty and build real democracy for communities worldwide. In Nicaragua and Sudan, we support women's small-scale farming initiatives to raise food and money. In Guatemala, we partner with women sweatshop workers to demand their rights to safe working conditions, fair pay and more.

In Iraq, our partners have been leaders in weekly protests, echoing the demands heard on Wall Street today. They have been met with violent attacks, including sexual assaults, by security forces. But every week, they continue with their protests.

As thousands of protesters gather in lower Manhattan, our sisters worldwide are watching with great satisfaction. They recognize their own priorities in the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement–for economic justice and for human rights. Together, we are part of a worldwide effort to turn our global crisis into an opportunity; a chance not to save the world, but to remake it.

For more information about MADRE's programs on Economic and Environmental Justice, click here