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Justice for Razan

MADRE condemns the killing of Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year-old Palestinian volunteer medic, who was shot by Israeli snipers as she attempted to provide medical care to an injured protester in Gaza. Razan was a volunteer with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, a MADRE partner and a humanitarian aid organization. 

For weeks, Palestinian protesters in Gaza have mobilized to call for an end to the siege that deprives them of basic necessities, like water, electricity and medical care. They have been met with disproportionate violence by Israeli soldiers who have shot and killed over 119 people and injured thousands more. 

Attacks against unarmed civilians are a violation of international law. Furthermore, international law calls for the protection of humanitarian personnel, including volunteer medics like Razan. Photos taken immediately after she was shot show her wearing a white vest that marked her as a medic. 

The same day that Razan was killed, the US vetoed a UN Security Council measure to condemn Israel’s use of disproportionate force against Palestinians, a move that impedes efforts to end the violence and provides political cover for Israel’s further use of force. MADRE calls for justice and accountability for Razan’s killing and for an end to the siege of Gaza.

Click here to read a statement by the President of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

June 4, 2018  / Middle East / Palestine