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Indigenous Peoples on Advancing the Implementation of CSD

MADRE partner Lucy Mulenkei, Executive Director of the Indigenous Information Network (IIN), is participating at the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) meeting at the UN.

CSD 18th Session, 11th May 2010

Intervention of Indigenous Peoples on Advancing the Implementation of CSD

Thank you, Madam Chair.

We thank the panelists for their contribution and especially in emphasizing the need for Policy implementation and partnership as key to the success of making an impact in the implementation of CSD decisions.

Madam Chair, as actors we can only emphasize the recommendations made by panelists and say that Governments should ensure that decisions are implemented with the participatory and human rights approach. It is the high time that everyone works together in positively protecting the ecosystems. Inter-linkages with other conventions, such as the convention on Biological diversity, the convention to combat desertification, the Ramser and the UN framework on climate change, are important in the implementation of the commission on sustainable development decisions.

This morning, Madam Chair, we discussed partnership for sustainable development and we brought up the issue and need for capacity development. This is still key to ensure that policy and decisions made can be shared and implemented. 
� There is a need to look at the urban/rural linkages. Many from the Indigenous communities, especially the young men and youth, are moving from rural areas to urban towns, leaving women to undertake additional roles which have caused more stressed and poor health. 
� There is need therefore to look at linkages of these areas and at the same times at different livelihoods for these communities. What has been recommended as success stories and what are alternatives livelihoods can be implemented.

� Indigenous Peoples still believe and will continue insisting that without recognition and inclusion in the implementation process on decision and policy processes there will be no success. Indigenous Peoples have good practices which can be shared. These, however, can only be real if governments, donors, private sectors and others stakeholders realize the potential by Indigenous peoples and other local communities in each process.

� Governments, Madam Chair, should use the CSD decisions and adapt them to fit the national policy formulation process. This is the only way to ensure that there is mainstreaming of sustainable development outcomes at all levels.

May 11, 2010