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Global Gag Rule Reinstated: Trump Endangers Millions of Women Worldwide

Today, Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule by executive order, and with the stroke of a pen, attacked the reproductive rights of women across the world.
US policy already undermines women's reproductive rights worldwide through the Helms Amendment, which prohibits the use of US foreign aid to pay for abortion services, with extremely limited exceptions. The Global Gag Rule adds injury to injury, by blocking women's health providers and advocates from even telling a woman that abortion is an option for her.
This is more than an assault on the free speech of health providers; it puts millions of women's lives in danger.
And we've seen it all before. The Global Gag Rule has been in place in every Republican Administration since Reagan's (and rescinded during Democratic Administrations). When organizations accused of speaking out about abortion lose their US funding, which may be a significant portion of their budgets, they have been forced to reduce their services or even close their doors. This deprives women of reproductive health, maternal health and family planning care. And when women seek out unsafe abortions, lacking the information and services they need, they run a high risk of injury or death.
The last time the Global Gag Rule was in effect, up to $100 million was denied to organizations, money that could have prevented the deaths of more than 80,000 women and 2.5 million children.
Just two days ago, women's marches worldwide signaled a powerful message: we will not back down from attacks by the Trump Administration on our rights. Yesterday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a decision that Trump has promised to overturn through his Supreme Court appointments. These are a reminder to us all that women here in the US must stand with women worldwide against attacks that threaten us all.
We demand that the Global Gag Rule be repealed — permanently. Join us as we continue to provide the broadest possible range of reproductive health care to women facing war and disaster worldwide.

January 23, 2017