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Global Feminist Activists Stand in Solidarity with Protestors Defending Black Lives in the US

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The eyes of the world are on the US uprising against racial injustice and police brutality, and the global movement is gaining strength.

We recognize the power of global solidarity in the defense of Black lives. Many of our partners and global feminist activists worldwide know well the devastation of racist state violence and of authoritarian attacks. This statement, signed by allies worldwide, shares their solidarity.

As feminist activists, grassroots organizers and human rights defenders from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, we stand with activists across the US marching and mobilizing for justice for Black lives.

We mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Regis Korchinski, David McAtee, Sean Reed, Robert Johnson Jr., Ashlynn Lisby — and countless others — whose killings have revealed again the systemic racism and discrimination that Black people in the US have faced for generations. We say their names.

Our feminist struggles for justice, peace, and human rights are deeply tied to Black peoples’ struggles in the US.

Our solidarity is deepened by our own experiences of racist US wars and militarism. We live with the bitter legacies of the US occupation of Haiti and Iraq, and the training and funding of militaries and armed groups in Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua. We struggle for an end to US-backed occupation in Palestine and to bombing and blockade in Yemen. We see the same weapons on your streets and ours. And we continue to confront the harms of US support for security forces that threaten our lands and our bodies, from Brazil to the Philippines.

And we too have experienced moments like this one -- where people rise up to say ‘enough’ and to birth a new future. We know that, right now, the future hangs in the balance between possibility and peril.

The brutal police and military crackdowns on protests across the US reveal the measures that some are willing to take to maintain the status quo. Police have responded to protests with aggression, hurling tear gas, firing rubber bullets, and exploding flash-bang grenades into crowds. The US National Guard has been activated in at least 30 states and has already attacked activists by firing paint rounds and tear gas. Trump’s recent threats, to use the label of “domestic terrorism” and to send in the military to quell the protests, are a familiar strategy. We know all too well that the designation of “terrorist” can be used to silence dissent, quash political opposition, and prevent activism. The same tactics used to target activists in our communities are being used to oppress Black communities in the US.

But beyond danger, we know that there is possibility. It lies in each person who refuses racist authoritarianism and who takes collective action to demand justice.

And it lies in our organizing together for our joint liberation. As we share strategies across borders, honed by our experience facing down authoritarianism and oppression, we can build a movement that is all the more powerful. We can make changes that once seemed impossible — if we come together, mobilize, and demand transformational action.

To the protestors organizing tirelessly, putting your lives on the line: we are with you. We commit ourselves to the defense of Black lives. You have our love and solidarity to shape a more just, peaceful world.

In solidarity,


Abductees’ Mothers Association - Yemen

African Indigenous Women Organisation Central African Network (AIWO-CAN)

African Indigenous Women’s Organizations (AIWO)

Anna Foundation - Uganda

Anti-Racism Movement - Lebanon

Assiwar - Feminist Arab Organization - Palestine

Association Tunisienne des Femmes Démocrates - Tunisia

Besme Group for International Assistance - Lebanon

CATWLAC - Mexico

Centro de Apoyo Solidario Documentación y Estudio AC - México

Centro de Estudios Afromexicanos Tembembe - México

Centro de Mujeres Afrocostarricenses - Costa Rica

Cnte Jubilados Yucatán - México

Coalition for Women Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East and North Africa Women Media and Development (TAM) - Palestine

CODEPINK - United States

Consorcio para el Diálogo Parlamentario y la Equidad Oaxaca AC - México

Democratic Women Org - Iraq

Desaparecidos - Philippines

ECO-RE - Honduras

El Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence - Egypt

Empoderate - Peru

Espacio Mujeres para Vida Digna Libre de Violencia AC - México

Food 4 Humanity - Yemen

Fundacion Arcoiris por el Respeto a la Diversidad Sexual - México

Gaza Urban Agriculture Platform (GUPAP) - Gaza, Palestine

Global Network of Women Peacebuilders - United States

Grupo de Mujeres de San Cristóbal Las Casas AC - México

Haitian Women's Collective - Haiti

Hustisya - Philippines

Indigenous Information Network (IIN) - Kenya

Iniciativa Mesoamericana de Defensoras de DH (IM-Defensoras) - Mesoamérica

International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI)

Iraqi Alamal Association - Iraq

Karapatan Alliance - Philippines

Legal Kuwait Society - Kuwait

Mano Amiga de la Costa Chica - México

Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres - Mexico

MUIXIL - Guatemala

Mujeres AC - México

Mujeres Guerrerenses por la Democracia Asociación Civil - México

Mujeres Indigenas por CIARENA - Mexico

Mujeres Libres COLEM A.C - México

Mujeres sin Maquillaje - México

National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN) - Nepal

National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) - Nepal

Nicte-Há Tovar. Colectiva Las del Aquelarre Feminista - México

Observatorio de Violencia Social y de Género en el estado de Chiapas - México

OFRANEH - Honduras

ONM - Mexico

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) - Iraq

Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) - Palestine

Pastoralist Information and Development Organization (PIDO) - Tanzania

Peace Track Initiative - Yemen

Procesos de Comunidades Negras - Colombia

Quirón Derechos Humanos + Cultura A.C. - México

Red Nacional de Juventudes Afromexicanas - México

Red Nacional Género y Economía - México

Rede Nacional de Mulheres Negras no Combate a Violência - Brasil

Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos (Network for Social Justice and Human Rights) - Brazil

Redpar - México

Salon Plus - Palestine

Sawa Platform - The Netherlands

Servicios Humanitarios en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva, ac - México

Social Development Hodeida Girls Foundation (SDHGF) - Yemen

Syrian Women's League (SWL) - Lebanon

Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace - Syria

Taller de Vida - Colombia

Tanggol Bayi (Defend Women) - Philippines

The A Project - Lebanon

The Freedom Museum - Canada

To Be Foundation for Rights and Freedom - Yemen

Wangki Tangni - Nicaragua

Woman Leadership Institute (WLI) - Iraq

Women Now for Development - Syria/Lebanon

Women Solidarity Network - Yemen

Women's Centre for Guidance and Legal Awareness - Egypt

Women's Environment and Development Organization - United States

Women's Studies Centre - Palestine

XG Generación Si - México

Youth Speak - Iraq

Zenab for Women in Development - Sudan



Abeer Abd Alghani

Abeer Arian

Adelaida Salas Salazar - México

Alejandro Guerrero - México

Alicia Yolanda Reyes Alexander - México

Aline Harika

Alma Rosa Colin - México

Amal Elmohandes

Ana María López - México

Argentina Casanova - México

Aurora Espinosa - México

Bertha Elena Munguía Gil - México

Cancel Bellur

Carine Jocelyn - Haiti

Carla Garcia - United States

Carme Clavel Arcas - Nicaragua

Carolina Paz - El Salvador

Cecilia Guadalupe Espinosa Martínez - México

Cesar Valera - México

Claudia Hernández Velázquez - México

Claudia Yolanda Gutiérrez Reyes - México

Consuelo Mora Benard - Costa Rica/Nicaragua

Cristina Palabay - Philippines

Dalia Qasem - Yemen

Denis Beatriz Andrade - Colombia

Dima Moussa - Syria

Dina Hayaani Edgar Cervantes - México

Elizabeth Ferreras - México

Elsa Conde - México

Eva Isaak - México

Farah Salka

Fatema Alhamied - Syria

Fatten Ajjan - Syria

Gloria Careaga Perez - México

Guadalupe Ortega Rodríguez - Mexico

Haidy Duque Cuesta - Colombia

Hind Aleryani - Yemen/Sweden

Irina Pérez Cabañas - México

Itta Prado - Cdmx

Jorge Antonio Gutiérrez - México

Jorge Dávila - México

Judith Ortega - México

Kamala Gurung - Nepal

Karina Rodríguez - México

Krishna Kumari Waiba - Nepal

Leticia Serrano - México

Lina Alhsny - Yemen

Lubna Alkanawati

Luis Antonio - México

Luz María Sánchez - Colombia

Luzbeidy Monterrosa Atencio - Colombia

Lydia Alpízar Durán - México

Ma del Pilar Sanchez Rivera - México

Ma. Rosa Rodríguez Parra - México

Magda Adly

Mais Omar

Manal Shakhashirou

Manar Haj Asaad

María Eugenia Núñez Zapata - México

Maria Luisa Martínez - Mexico

Mariam Jalabi - United States

Marta Mercado González - México

Martha Figueroa Mier - México

Marusia López - México

Mirna Alkhatib

Mohja Kahf - United States

Monia Ammar

Monica Soto Elízaga - México

Morhaf Khoulani

Muznah Aljundi

Nabieha Alhalabi - Syria

Nadia Gamal - Yemen

Nairouz Alzoubi

Nebal Jaafar

Nesmah Mansoor

Nevine Ebeid - Egypt

Nitzia Ruiz Zapatero - Mexico

Nour Altal Ola Al Jundi - Syria

Olivia Tena Guerrero - México

Otilia Lux de Coti - Guatemala

Patria Jimenez - México

Patricia Chávez Mena - México

Pilar Delgado - México

Rajy Aljondy - Syria

Rana Ghanem

Reem Abbas - Sudan

Remedios Uriana - Colombia

Rola Roukbi - Syria

Rosa María Cabrera Lotfe - Mèxico

Rosa María Trejo Villalobos - México

Rosaura Marlene Zapata Hernandez - México

Ruba Odeh - Palestine

Sabiha Khalil - Germany

Sabitra Chepang - Nepal

Sally Sami

Sama Aweidah - Palestine

Sara Sofía Carreño Neira - México

Silvina Contreras Capetillo - México

Soad Alaswad - Syria

Soraida A. Hussein - Palestine

Stella Duque Cuesta - Colombia

Suheir Farraj - Palestine

Suni Lama - Nepal

Suzanne Meriden - United States

Teresa de Jesús Manzanares - México

Wejdan Nassif - Syria/France (refugee)

Yanar Mohammed - Iraq

Yasmine Shurbaji

Yasso Kanti Bhattachan - Nepal

June 11, 2020