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Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund: Flooding in Central America

MADRE's sister organizations in Nicaragua and Guatemala are reeling from the flooding that has swept through Central America. They are mobilizing to save lives in their communities–and you can help.

The flooding, triggered by relentless torrential rain, has killed over 100 people in the region. Thousands have been displaced.

Official reports have confirmed that at least 36 people have died in Guatemala and 12 people in Nicaragua. Countless others urgently need emergency supplies to recover from the loss of the crops they hoped to harvest for food and income. Act now to support women and families at risk.


On the outskirts of Guatemala City, the heavy rain has destroyed homes and left many families without shelter. They have lost food, clothing and other basic necessities. Our partners at the Women Workers Committee are well-situated to identify and address urgent needs in this community in the face of this disaster. They have requested emergency supplies including food, clothes, shoes, hygiene products, construction materials and household supplies. Just $50 provides a family with a kit containing basic materials like bedding and kitchen implements. You can help ensure that families receive essential resources in the wake of catastrophe.

In the El Quiche area of northwestern Guatemala, Indigenous communities depend on their harvests for survival–and the incessant rain has washed their crops away. Our partners at Muixil told us that their corn and beans, their main crops, were almost entirely destroyed. If the rain continues, they risk losing what remains.

The women of Muixil had planned to use their harvests to raise income. Now, they must find alternatives. With your support, our sisters at Muixil will be able to buy chickens. This will allow them to provide their families with vital income to survive after the destruction of their harvests. Chickens will also provide eggs and meat for families in need of sustenance. Just $18 enables a woman to buy three chickens to support her entire family. $65 supplies the materials to build a chicken coop. Please give today.


The heavy rains and flooding have taken their toll on coastal communities throughout Nicaragua. Our partners at Wangki Tangni, located off Nicaragua's Caribbean coast, depend on their harvests as a source of nutrition and income. Now, with their crops destroyed, they need your support more than ever.

What's more, the flooding has contaminated fresh water supplies, creating serious health threats for our sisters at Wangki Tangni. Drinking unfiltered water, they run the risk of contracting cholera, typhoid and dysentery. To combat the threat of waterborne disease, we must provide them with water filters immediately. Just $25 helps purchase a water pump to clean a well that community depends on.


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