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Cholera Rages in Haiti: Help Us Respond

Photo Credit: KOFAVIV

"People's lives are draining away right before our eyes. We need salt, sugar and water purification tablets to save lives."

- Malya Villard Appolon, a leader of the Haitian women's organization and MADRE partner, KOFAVIV

In Haiti, the world's largest cholera epidemic is raging. It has killed more than 7, 050 Haitians and sickened over 531,000 since 2010, exploding into a disaster that was entirely preventable.

Despite an urgent need for medical care, aid agencies throughout Haiti are shutting down essential relief operations and moving on. While other organizations pack up and close down, MADRE is committed to standing by our Haitian sisters for the long haul.

Our women-centered disaster relief model helps ensure that emergency aid is delivered to those who need it most, while sustaining and empowering our sisters worldwide.

In Haiti, your support will help our partners create life-saving kits to prevent and treat cholera. These contain:

* oral rehydration salts
* chlorine water purification pills
* soaps and disinfectants. 

Cholera can kill in a matter of hours, but these everyday items save lives. Since the earthquake, many of our partners have lived in the camps themselves, and they are able to distribute the kits through their community networks to hundreds of displaced women and families.

When you support MADRE's Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund, you help us bring crucial resources–like food, water, medical care and shelter– directly to the women and families most in need.

By giving to MADRE, you make sure that women's human rights are protected during crisis.


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