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Vote for MADRE in the Third Annual Gender Justice Uncovered Awards

MADRE is proud to announce some exciting news! 

We have been nominated for the Third Annual Gender Justice Uncovered Awards, which recognizes advances in international law for women's human rights. This incredible honor acknowledges our recent victory, when the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) ruled in favor of our legal petition to address sexual violence in Haiti. 

In the petition, we demanded immediate and concrete action from the Haitian government to protect the lives of women and girls facing an epidemic of rape in the displacement camps of Haiti.

The People's Choice Awards will be granted to the nominee that receives the most votes from the public.

How to Vote:

Help MADRE win the People's Choice Awards! Please consider voting for the "Inter-American Commission on Human Rights - HAITI - Haitian government must take immediate measures to address sexual violence in displacement camps, "and help us get the word out on the importance of this decision. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that there is more than one decision nominated from the Inter-American Commission, so look for the one that's for Haiti. Highlight all of the gavels next to the decision. Although you will not get a confirmation that you voted, the website does indeed count your vote.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE (Page not found)

Confused about the voting process? Watch the video below for instructions.

Vote for MADRE in the Gender Justice Uncovered Awards!

To learn more about the ruling of the IACHR on sexual violence, click here.