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Mothers Need More than Just One Day

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Mothers Need More than Just One Day

May 10, 2012–New York, NY–This Mother's Day, MADRE is doing more than celebrating mothers worldwide–the organization is envisioning a world where mothers are appreciated all year long.

MADRE Executive Director Yifat Susskind recently published an op-ed, outlining the policies government leaders must implement in order to recognize and support the work of mothers.

These policies would preserve social services including health care, child care and food assistance. They would secure women's reproductive rights, promote peace and ensure that mothers and their families have access to food and clean water, education and economic opportunity.

Yifat Susskind, Executive Director of MADRE said today, "Mothers need more than just one day. To build a better world for all, we must start by listening to mothers and their demands for peace, justice and the resources to build healthy communities. "

MADRE, named to honor mothers, is working to make this vision of a better world a reality. Click here to sign on to a petition to President Obama, urging him to promote reproductive rights and maternal health.

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Yifat Susskind is the Executive Director of MADRE, an international women's human rights organization. She has worked with women's human rights activists from Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to create programs in their communities to address women's health, violence against women, economic and environmental justice and peace building.