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Letter Asking Obama to Veto Clean Air Act Rollbacks

Today, MADRE signed this letter to President Obama, asking him to veto the Clean Air Act rollbacks. You can sign the letter by clicking here

Dear Mr. President,

The Clean Air Act provides powerful, cost-effective, and proven tools to combat pollution. It is the best tool in place to combat greenhouse gas pollution on a national scale. It must not be weakened, nor should the ambitious enforcement of its provisions to combat greenhouse gas pollution be deferred. If big polluters and their allies in Congress get their way, your EPA will be prevented from implementing the Clean Air Act to protect our public health and environment by reducing dangerous carbon dioxide pollution that will permanently alter our climate.

We need you to provide the leadership you promised. We need you to stand up to big polluters and their congressional allies and publicly state that you will veto any legislative moves to repeal, weaken or delay the Clean Air Act's ability to curb greenhouse gas pollution.


Climate Reality Check Coalition

April 7, 2011  / Environmental Justice