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Honor LGBT Voices Worldwide

This weekend, activists and allies of the LGBT community will be celebrating Pride. It's a joyous moment, recognizing the progress that advocates have made in advancing the human rights of LGBT people. It's also a time to honor the ongoing struggles that LGBT people face worldwide and the brave activists who are organizing to defend their rights and humanity.
MADRE joins in this commemoration, determined to demand the full range of human rights for all. We will soon release two major reports, documenting testimonies of LGBT people from Haiti and Iraq and envisioning solutions to human rights violations.
The stories of our partners contain horror and hardship, but they also contain hope. When we sustain this hope, we open the way to a future where LGBT people worldwide can be guaranteed their human rights.
"I have no problem with the way I am. God created me like that. I have no control of who I am. I just want to live freely." – Malek, Iraq