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Women Out Loud, Episode 2: Motherhood and Activism

Welcome to Women Out Loud! This podcast, produced by MADRE, will share the stories of activists who are defining the future of women's human rights worldwide.

Did you miss our last episode on how our brave partners in Colombia, Iraq and Syria are addressing wartime sexual violence? Click here to catch up.

In this episode, you will hear from women who are balancing their very important roles as activists and mothers.

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Also, you will hear an excerpt from a recent conversation with our partner in Nicaragua, Rose Cunningham Kain, who shared that her position as a community has inspired her son Otis to become an advocate for the rights of women and girls. Listen to what Rose had to say below, in Spanish.

In a loving video tribute, Otis explains how his mother's activism has shaped his upbringing and his world view. 

English Translation

My name is Otis Plazaola. I am a native of Waspam. I want to tell you the story of my relationship with my mother and what I have learned from her. My mother is Rose Cunningham. She is a teacher by profession and since I was very young, she has taught me the basic principles of life. She always told me that I should be a respectful person, so that the respect I seek will be reciprocated. I think she deserves much more than what we as a family have been able to provide. But it is quite a challenge to keep up with her. She’s always organizing women to familiarize them with their rights, always promoting processes that help with the development of our community. Also my mother has taught me and educated me about the importance of respecting women as equals. My mother is a person committed to the struggle for the rights of indigenous communities. She works hard for the promotion and development of the women of Wangki. She has always told me that it is important to be educated and informed in order to take advantage of all the activities that take place in the community and to demand these rights. I often hear her speak about women’s empowerment, their participation in political spaces and in decision-making. She has always denounced the injustices against Indigenous women of the Rio Coco and of other towns, for which I have also learned to express myself in situations of injustice in my community. For that, and much more, I admire her deeply. I have also learned to help other people who turn to seek help as long as it is for a just cause. My life has changed significantly learning about the rights of Indigenous people. I have contributed in channeling the demands of the people in our community when they come to me for help. I have also worked with young children, practicing sports, in the search for a healthy recreational habit for the youth – always within a respectful and God-loving framework. For this and much more, I admire my mother. Thank you very much.

Host & Producer

Kat Noel, Website and Media Coordinator


Yifat Susskind, Executive Director

Natalia Caruso, Programs Director

Rose Cunningham Kain, President of MADRE sister organization, Wangki Tangni


Mentioned Partners

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq

Zenab for Women in Development (Sudan)



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