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Women Out Loud, Episode 1: My Body Is Not Your Battlefield

Welcome to the first episode of Women Out Loud! This podcast, produced by MADRE, will share the stories of activists who are defining the future of women's human rights worldwide.

In this episode, you will learn how our brave partners in Colombia, Iraq and Syria are addressing wartime sexual violence. 

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You'll hear about the inspiring work of Colombian activists using art and creativity to bring peace and healing to their communities. View the slideshow below to learn more about the work Taller de Vida is doing. 

Taller de Vida, Colombia - 2/2015

You'll also hear about brave women in Iraq and Syria who are standing up to the extremist violence by groups like ISIS. 

To read more about that, see the links below:


Diana Duarte, Communications Director


Yifat Susskind, Executive Director

Cassandra Atlas, Human Rights Advocacy Assistant Director

Elizabeth Droggitis, Membership and Public Education Manager


Mentioned Partners

Organization of Women's Freedom (Iraq)

Taller de Vida (Colombia)


Kat Noel, Website and Media Coordinator



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Composer: Podington Bear

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