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Afghanistan Update: MADRE Members Come Through for Naseema

Fantastic news! Thanks to the support we were able to raise through the Afghan Women's Survival Fund, Naseema and her three children are–right now–making their final preparations to escape Afghanistan. Naseema is frightened, but incredibly relieved to finally have the means to escape her murderous husband.

During these dangerous days, while Naseema's husband is hunting for her, she and her children are being sheltered by our partners in Kabul. MADRE has been able to cover the costs of temporary emergency housing, transportation and passport fees for Naseema and the children.

Now we're working with our partners and two different United Nations agencies to get Naseema and her family resettled in Tajikistan. From there, they will apply for refugee status so they can be placed in another country.

But right now, the most important thing is for them to escape Afghanistan and the death threats of Naseema's husband. Thanks the support of MADRE members, that's happening. 

Read Naseema's story.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the Afghan Women's Survival Fund–you gave Naseema the support she needs to save her life and protect her children.