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Since 2006, Layla, a rape victim and former prostitute, has been secretly mapping Iraq’s underworld of sex trafficking and prostitution. 

published: 10/05/2015
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After reading about ISIS’ systematic use of rape, I recoiled. Even after decades as a women’s rights activist, I find that my mind can still reel at the levels of atrocity that women and girls endure. But this story is incomplete without mention of Iraqi and Syrian women’s resilience.

published: 08/18/2015
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To show that your 20s aren't all that, we asked 30 incredible women to share just exactly why New York City is actually better as you get older — from mistakes they've made, lessons they've learned, and the advice they wish they'd had. See, getting older doesn't need to be so scary. In fact, it might actually feel good.

published: 06/01/2015
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Iraqi woman human rights defender Yanar Mohammed spoke to Jennifer Allsopp at the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference about grass-roots responses to the atrocities women are facing under ISIS.

published: 04/26/2015
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A radio program in light of the 14th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues held in NYC. A panel discusses the political and cultural rights of Indigenous populations from around the world, and what role women play in the fight for social justice. 

published: 04/24/2015
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Natalia Caruso, Program Director at MADRE, talks about our work on Bronxnet TV. 

published: 03/18/2015
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 On Wednesday, images began circulating from the city of Raqqa in Syria of a man being thrown off a building, allegedly after a conviction for a homosexual act.

published: 03/05/2015
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A panel discusses why educated women see escorting as a legitimate career choice and, on the other side of the spectrum, what can be done to help women and men who are forced into prostitution as a result of being trafficked or due to desperation as a result of war.

published: 10/07/2014