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You Are the Key to Change!: Nadia's Story

Meet inspiring young women who transformed from survivors into empowered activists – thanks to you!

You are the key

As a refugee in Turkey, Nadia* had no job, no money and no home. All that was left behind when she fled war-torn Syria.

She tried to start a new life. She married a Turkish man, and a year later, she gave birth to her first child, a boy.

As a woman, Nadia can’t pass on her nationality to her own son, because he was born outside of Syria to a non-Syrian father. Her marriage wasn’t registered, and she faced barriers to securing legal status for her son in Turkey. Her son became stateless, a boy with no country.

“Now I feel like I am in jail,” Nadia told us. “Because I am afraid to even take my son out of this town because he does not have a passport or any legal status.”

It gets worse. Refugees with no legal status can be denied health care, education, social security and other basic rights.

How You Helped Unlock the Door to Change

Nadia’s story is far from unique. As the brutal Syrian civil war nears five years, the number of stateless children is skyrocketing.

Many refugees lack basic information on how to legally register marriages and births. But through MADRE, you help do something about it — with a simple yet powerful solution.

Step-by-step guide to refugees’ legal rights.

With your support, we created illustrated pamphlets, an easy step-by-step guide to refugees’ legal rights. Partnering with local Syrian women’s groups, we’ve already distributed hundreds of these pamphlets to women refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

And we don’t stop there. We bring vital humanitarian aid, medical care, schooling and counseling to refugee women and families.

Thanks to you, mothers now have what they need to protect themselves and see their families through war.

You make this life-sustaining work possible — thank you!

*Nadia’s name has been changed and she does not appear in photos here.