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What Malya Means to Me

Recently, two women who work with our partner Malya, Haitian anti-rape activist and 2012 CNN Hero, told us what Malya means to them. You can go here to vote and make Malya CNN’s Hero of the Year!

My name is Sofonie, and I am one of KOFAVIV’s community outreach workers. I spend a lot of time with Malya. She is very tough, and she is very sweet. She loves people, and she’s very sensitive.

Being one of the CNN Heroes is not only a victory for Malya. It’s a victory for all of us at KOFAVIV. I can even go as far as saying that it is a victory for all Haitian women.

If Malya were to win this prize, it would give her the means to help more women. It will be very good for women who have been raped but lack support to recover. It will also help other women who might become victims. So if Malya receives this prize, she will be able to help all these people.


I’ve been a friend of Malya for a long time, and we’ve been in this fight to defend women for a long time. I am so happy and so proud to see her work being recognized for its concrete results.

Malya is a strong woman, and she believes in the work she does. In fact, we are all strong women, and we have a lot of confidence in our work to protect women. So we are all heroes! We are all in this fight together.