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SasaAfrica: A Cool New Thing

Many people now want to shop sustainably and ethically. But often, artisans, most of them women, sell their goods very cheaply to intermediaries, who turn around and make an enormous profit on huge mark-ups selling the goods.

That’s why SasaAfrica is so cool. Sasa aims to use new technologies to allow women artisans to sell their products directly to consumers continents away. Almost everyone in the world owns a cell phone, but not everyone has a smart phone. Sasa will allow artisans with “regular” phones to take pictures of their goods, upload them to the site, take orders directly from customers, pack them up and mail them, for which they will receive the vast majority of the price the customer pays – cutting out the many very, very expensive intermediaries that have been used in the past.

We’re all very excited about this could mean for women artisans worldwide. Check out the awesome video below for more information:

SasaAfrica from SasaAfrica on Vimeo.