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MyMADRE's Link Roundup- 1.24.14

What we’ve written, read, watched and our actions this week in relation to the conflict in Syria.

The United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 which acknowledges the impact of conflict on women – including the use of sexual violence as a tactic of warfare, and the pivotal role women play in creating  sustainable peace.

Read the outcome statement and watch archived footage from the two-day convening of 50 Syrian women in Geneva at the beginning of January.

women activists participate in a manifestation for peace in Syria in  Switzerland
MADRE, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Code Pink, Nobel Women’s Initiative and other women activist participate in a manifestation for peace in Syria in Montreux, Switzerland where the Geneva II peace talks are being held.

I am a Syrian woman” – in this video, women share what Syria means to them and their hopes.

CODEPINK examines who should be should have a seat at the negotiation table.

Equal Power – Lasting Peace, a comprehensive study on the important role women play in laying the groundwork for peace in their communities and the harsh resistance they face when demanding inclusion in peace processes.

Peace talks commenced without any representation of Syrian women.

“Our message is simple yet vital: there can be no lasting peace without women. Women have been at the heart of the non-violent, pro-democracy movement. With their leadership and close ties to grassroots communities, Syrian women can ensure that this peace process responds to the people’s needs, not just to the demands of armed groups.”– Yifat Susskind, MADRE’s Executive Director

MADRE published a Q & A on the conflict in Syria and how it impacts women and children.

Mairead Maguire speaking at the Women Lead to Peace Summit
Mairead Maguire, a Nobel Leareute from Northern Ireland speaking at the Women Lead to Peace Summit. On her left: Ann Patterson, also from Northern Ireland and Yifat Susskind, MADRE’s Executive Director. On her right: Chaba Seini from Western Sahara. (Image courtesy of WILPF)

Women activists from various countries convened in Switzerland for the Women Lead to Peace Summit. They shared testimonies on the realities of conflict, offered strategies learned from their own struggles for peace and discussed what the peace negotiations should look like. Archived footage and photos of the summit.

Survey of 110 Syrian women reports that they feel excluded from decision making on their country’s future.

…rape is not just destroying one woman, it’s destroying an entire family, an entire society, communities. It’s really tearing apart the fabric of a country. And right now that’s Syria.” – Lauren Wolfe, Director of the Women Media Center’s Women Under Siege project

This crowd-sourced map documents sexualized violence in Syria.

Trailer of a Sundance Institute-supported documentary gives a glimpse of what life was like at a school for girls in Damascus before the uprising in Syria erupted.