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Human Rights Radio in Nicaragua Turns 1!

Happy Birthday, Human Rights Radio!

One year ago, we launched a new project with Wangki Tangni, our partners in Nicaragua.

The women we work with face poverty and high levels of violence - and are also marginalized because of their Miskito Indigenous identity. Because the women live in remote communities on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic coast, it can be nearly impossible for them to access shelters or local resources. They feel like they have nowhere to turn for help.

Nicaragua Map

We wanted to connect women in the region and share crucial information on their rights and local resources, like shelters from violence.

So, with our partner organization, we launched a human rights radio station - Voices of the Women of Wangki Tangni, 103.5 FM.

Radio Installation

We trained 30 women in broadcasting and reporting.

Radio broadcaster

And passed out 400 solar radios to make sure everyone could tune in.

Solar Radios

The radio reaches 115 communities, 6 days a week, and it’s the only station that broadcasts in Miskito. It addresses women’s rights but also features youth programming and traditional Miskito music.

Radio Broadcaster 2

When women hear the radio, they know they are not alone and feel connected to a supportive community. They also learn their rights and how to access or demand the resources they need.

Here’s to many more years of broadcasting women’s voices and protecting human rights!

Radio Banner

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