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Flashback Friday: 30th Anniversary Messages from Our Sisters

For 30 years, MADRE’s strength has come from our sisters and allies. We are thankful and inspired each day by these incredible activists who have joined us to build lasting solutions for women worldwide.

When we celebrated our 30th anniversary, we were deeply moved by the photos and messages of support we received from our sisters. On this “Flashback Friday”, we’re sharing some of those messages with you.

Guatemala – Women Workers Committee

30th Anniversary Message From MADRE's Partner in Guatemala

English Translation

In this 30th anniversary of MADRE, the women from Guatemala are wishing you a happy birthday and let this year be full of hope and fulfillment for all of us.

Please receive this present from us. [Sings “Happy Birthday, MADRE!”]

Colombia – Taller de Vida

Girls from Taller de Vida
Although their faces needed to be concealed due to security concerns, the young girls from Taller de Vida wanted to send a thank you for standing by them.

For those of us at  Taller de Vida, to be a sister organization of MADRE is to feel that we are not alone. We have joined forces to transform the political violence in Colombia through processes which have a great impact on children and families. Our voice can influence international platforms to force the Colombian government  to create programs and policies that offer a response conflict’s countless victims.

We are bonded by the solidarity of knowing that through MADRE’s support we can achieve change by using art as a form of resilience and to fight the silence of impunity.

At Taller de Vida, we are boys and girls who due to the conflict were never children. Sisters of MADRE, you have taken our hand, returned our dignity, and  allowed us to advance and transform our history and our fears.

In your 30th year, we thank you.

Taller de Vida

International Indigenous Women's Forum 


Thirty years ago when MADRE started, the position of women in the world was very different. Thanks to the struggle and commitment of each of us, who have worked towards the realization of a change. We can say today that we have achieved significant progress. What, back then, was only utopias and dreams, today are realities.

Today, we celebrate together with MADRE the successes achieved in the defense of women’s human rights around the world. MADRE has always had its doors open to Indigenous women, who have always felt shelter in being partners with MADRE.

MADRE, today serves as an important point of reference for many of us, its actions have contributed to the creation of a better world, and for that we are grateful to its commitment, its sense of justice and its determination. And, looking to the future and to the next 30 years, we wish you much strength and success in all the steps that they continue to take.

Our alliance has contributed to improving our efforts towards the fight for the defense of women’s human rights in different parts of the world. For the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI), the sisterhood with MADRE represents the starting point for exchanges of experiences and mutual enrichment, solutions to the numerous challenges that we have to face everyday.

It is an honor to celebrate this day with you, MADRE.

Palestine – Midwives for Peace

Midwife providing pre-natal care and childbirth support to woman
Our partners Midwives for Peace provide critical pre-natal care and childbirth support to women in the West Bank and Israel.

Dear friends in MADRE,

We all send you congratulations for your 30th anniversary! We think of you warmly and wish you many more years of supporting women around the globe. In our region, we still feel great need to empower women and as a sister group, we see you as great supporters of us doing this!

Happy Anniversary,

Midwives for Peace

Mexico – K’inal Antsetik

Queridas compañeras de MADRE,

Todas las compañeras de K´inal Antsetik les enviamos nuestro más cálido saludo desde Chiapas, México, uniéndonos a ustedes en espíritu en la próxima celebración que, tras treinta años de lucha y trabajo de MADRE, llevarán a cabo el próximo día 11 de marzo.

Enviamos hoy esta breve carta con el deseo de que cuando brinden en su próxima fiesta, sientan que también nosotras desde este lado del mundo, nos sumamos a ese brindis en reconocimiento de todas las jóvenes activistas que con MADRE suman día a día su esfuerzo, su ilusión y su coraje para construir un mundo con plena vigencia de los derechos humanos de las mujeres.

Brindamos con todas las que desde hace décadas combaten la inequidad y la injusticia contra las mujeres en todas las partes del mundo y con todas las que seguirán sus pasos, enarbolando esa bandera, llenas de arrojo y fuerza.

Abrazos fraternos para todas las compañeras de MADRE en sus 30 años!


English Translation

Dear sisters at MADRE,

All of us at K’inal Antsetik are sending you our warmest wishes from Chiapas, Mexico. We join you in spirit during the next celebration of MADRE’s 30 years of activism and work.

Today we are sending this short message wishing that as you are celebrating in your next party, you feel that we – from our side of the world – are joinging you in toasting to all of the young activists who, with MADRE, are adding their efforts, their vision, and their courage to build a world where women’s human rights are fully respected and fulfilled.

We toast to all those who, for decades, have been fighting against inequality and injustice towards women all over the world and to those who will follow in their footstepts, raising the flag, full of courage and strength.

Sisterly hugs to all the colleagues at MADRE for its 30 years!


Sudan – Zenab for Women in Development

Members of the Women’s Farmer Union
Members of the Women’s Farmer Union standing behind seeds for last year’s crops.

Dear Yifat

Salaam, hope you are doing well. Thank you so much to MADRE’s staff, volunteers, interns and supporters who have made a big difference in the lives of the most needy women.

I wish you and MADRE all the success for many years to come. I hope to celebrate the golden age of 50 years of MADRE together.

All the Best,

Fatima, president of Zenab for Women in Development

Kenya – Indigenous Information Network

Indigenous women from the Transmara region of Kenya
Indigenous women from the Transmara region of Kenya.

The Indigenous information Network is happy to share photos of some of the women’s groups who joined us in demonstrating our appreciation for MADRE.

With MADRE’s support, communities now have clean water and livestock that has helped improve the health of those who have benefited. Also, IIN has hosted women’s human rights trainings to empower women who can now speak for themselves.

As we celebrate throughout the year, we can only hope that our appreciation will motivate MADRE to continue the great work.

Members of Parakiror with the MADRE banner
Members of Parakiror with the MADRE banner.

MADRE, we thank you for supporting us. We are an Indigenous women’s group in the West Pokot community called Parakiror, which means kitchen garden.

We have benefited from learning women rights, which has further advanced our knowledge in decision making.

We pray that God continues to give you strength to empower many more. We look forward to the years to come.