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Colombian Women Speak Out at CEDAW

With an ongoing armed conflict now lasting more fifty years, an alarming increase of its internally displaced population, and its social inequalities, Colombia still has a long way to go in bringing women’s issues to the forefront of its national priorities. However, Colombian women are strongly committed and persistently striving for their voices to be heard. When Charo – a vibrant Afro-Colombian woman activist- contacted us announcing that she was going to be a speaker at the 26th meeting of CEDAW, we were very excited.

Andrea Parra, Director of PAIIS Clinic, speaks at CEDAW
Andrea Parra, Director of PAIIS Clinic, speaks at CEDAW.

Charo is part of the Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN), one of MADRE’s partner organizations in Colombia. She devotes her efforts to the advocacy of the human rights of Afro-descendent women and girls who face constant violence and discrimination because of the intersection of their condition as women and as part of an ethnic minority. According to Charo the Colombian State is “far from bringing tranformation of de facto racism and patriarchy that continues to treat Afro-descendant women  as second-class citizens.”

CEDAW participants together

Charo, as well as other women from MADRE’s partner organizations in Colombia who participated in MADRE’s recently released report, From Forced Sterilization to Forced Psychiatry: Report on the Violations of Human Rights of Women with Disabilities and Transgender Women, spoke before CEDAW regarding their experiences and the needs of the marginalized populations they represented. This time, the voices of representatives from some of the most silenced populations in Colombia, such as Afro-Colombian women, child soldiers, women and girls with disabilities and transgender women, resonated at a global level. As a Colombian woman, I feel enormously thankful and honored for being part of MADRE, this truly admirable team, as well as its beautiful process of building such powerful transnational alliances, bridging advocacy efforts from both organizations within Colombia and at an international level, and nurturing the worldwide fight against all discrimination against women.