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What we do when crisis strikes

You’ve likely been thinking about what to do to protect yourself and your loved ones facing the reality of COVID-19. Each day seems to bring new worries and dangers.

But more than ever, this virus has revealed a profound truth: we are all connected. And that connectedness is the guiding light that will show us the way through this moment of danger.

I want to share with you what MADRE is doing, as the crisis escalates around the world. We’re in close communication with our partners, tracking the virus’s impact in their communities. We already know that women and girls are on the frontlines of this crisis, mobilizing urgent care where it’s needed most.

When people get sick, especially when public health systems become overwhelmed, it’s women and girls who most often provide immediate, vital care for their families and communities and help people to recover. That’s why MADRE will deepen our funding for women’s community-driven responses to health crises.

We also know that people living on the margins - including migrants and refugees in overcrowded conditions - are especially in danger now. Not only are they denied basic services like clean water and health care, now they risk being targeted by bigoted reactions to the coronavirus threat.

So we’ll expand our work to channel much-needed resources to migrants and refugees. What’s more, we’ll sound the alarm against right-wing manipulations of this crisis and speak out against racist, xenophobic attacks. We refuse to let the coronavirus crisis be mobilized as a tool to demonize and divide communities.

This is a moment when we can all let the best parts of ourselves shine. We can take care of ourselves and reach out to people who might need us. We can push for the progressive policies we deserved all along and need so much now: from universal health care to child care to paid sick leave. We can listen to those who know best how to navigate this crisis, including people with chronic illness who can share valuable expertise.

There’s a lot that we can learn from the community-based responses of our partners worldwide, and I’m committed to providing our resources to back them up. Thank you for your support that makes it possible.

I hope that you and your community are staying safe and healthy.

In solidarity,

Yifat Susskind Signature


March 12, 2020