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Virtual Q&A with Two Indigenous Women Leaders

(c) Henry Chalfant

Dear Friend, 

I’d like to tell you about two of the amazing women we’re proud to partner with — and about one way that you can connect with them.

Lucy Mulenkei is leader of our partner organization in Kenya. Where she works in Kenya, severe drought is devastating rural families who depend on local water sources. Crops are dying. And children are getting sick from drinking dirty water.

Lucy’s answer? She’s been training local women in water harvesting techniques to store rain through drought. And she’s sourcing food aid from local women farmers, in a win-win that saves lives while sustaining local economies.

And then there’s Rose Cunningham, leader of our partner organization in Nicaragua. She lives on the remote, north coast, where Indigenous families suffer extreme poverty and hunger. What’s more, intensifying storms caused by climate change regularly destroy the harvests they depend on for survival.

To combat this, Rose installed seed banks to protect seeds from storms. Women farmers are now cultivating and saving seeds from one harvest to the next and growing the food their families need to survive.

With the support of MADRE members like you, these women are creating and implementing on-the-ground strategies to fight climate change and its impacts. And their solutions are more vital than ever as we confront Trump's growing attacks against the environment. 

And exciting news! You have the chance to reach out to Lucy and Rose with your questions!

Lucy and Rose will soon be in New York, gathering with other Indigenous activists from around the world for an annual UN conference on Indigenous rights. And they want to hear from you!

How did they come up with their climate change solutions? What policies they will be demanding at the UN?

Email with your questions by April 26, and we’ll share some of their answers with you. Lucy and Rose look forward to hearing from you!



Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director