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Verdict Reached — And The Struggle Continues

The verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin has arrived: guilty on all charges. On April 20, Derek Chauvin was convicted of killing George Floyd, a Black man.

On Memorial Day 2020, Chauvin pressed his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds – all while Mr. Floyd, handcuffed and face down on a curb, pleaded for his life. In his last moments, he called out his deceased mother's name.

Around the world, mothers are driven to protect their children and communities, offering care and love in the harshest circumstances. We honor Black mothers who raise their children with resilience and joy, even amid the threat of racist state violence.

The horrific murder sparked an uprising of nationwide and global protests, and forced a reckoning on issues of race, policing, and social justice. However, as recent news headlines reveal, white supremacy is alive and well. At least 64 people have died at the hands of law enforcement nationwide since the trial began on March 29, with Black and Latino people making up more than half of those killed.

As we recall the police killings of Mr. Floyd, Daunte Wright, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and far too many others, MADRE condemns racist policing and the systemic oppression that Black people in the US have faced for generations and pledges to continue our work confronting this injustice worldwide. Our partners have shown their solidarity with the US struggle against racism and police brutality; many of them know all too well the devastation of racial injustice and authoritarian attacks.

We recommit to the power of global solidarity in defense of Black lives.

April 20, 2021