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Support Lebanon Now

It’s been three days since one of the largest explosions in history ravaged Beirut. We still do not know the full number of casualties or extent of the destruction.

But we know that people are still in danger — especially those who are already most vulnerable, like refugee women and their families.

Click here to help our partners provide care in crisis now!

Immediately after the explosion, we reached out to our partners in Lebanon to make sure they were okay and to find out how MADRE could help. We are sending emergency aid to women and children refugees living in camps around Beirut, as part of our Care in Crisis campaign.

With local partners, we are taking urgent action to:

  • provide milk for children and babies
  • arrange psychological support for families
  • distribute hygiene kits and food aid

Lebanon was already facing devastation from multiple crises. Their economy is crashing, and the added threat of the coronavirus pandemic has left people on the brink of a famine. The explosion destroyed Lebanon’s only large grain silo, ramping up the imminent danger of food shortages. We need to act now to confront this catastrophe.

We launched our Care in Crisis campaign because we know that, especially in emergencies like the Beirut explosion, it’s essential to support local organizations working with those that may be left out of recovery efforts — women, children and refugees.

Our partners already know how to respond urgently and to sustain people for the long-haul. So please act fast with us by making a gift to MADRE.

With gratitude,

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August 7, 2020