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Peace, not war, in North Korea

I’m sure you’ve seen the news. Amid growing nuclear tensions with North Korea, the Trump administration has deployed military ships to the waters off the Korean peninsula. Today, the White House is briefing all 100 senators to discuss US action.

US military action would be disastrous. As the situation escalates, it’s now more urgent than ever to make our demands for peace heard.

In a letter delivered to the White House today, MADRE joined over 200 women leaders and peacebuilders from over 40 countries to take a stand against military escalation in the Korean peninsula, as part of an effort spearheaded by Women Cross DMZ. We demand diplomacy, not war, to resolve the nuclear crisis. And we assert that peace is the only path forward.

Women and families trapped and separated by militarized borders on the Korean peninsula and around the world face barriers to their rights and safety. In this call for peace, we echo our demands for No Borders on Gender Justice to ensure freedom of movement for all women, families and communities threatened by militarized borders.

I hope you’ll join us in action. Call your senators at (202) 224-3121 to demand that they oppose any military action against North Korea and support a peace process. And spread the word about this vital effort to avert disastrous war by sharing our letter with your friends and networks.

In peace,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director 


P.S. Our letter to the White House was covered in today’s New York Times. Click here to read the article.

April 26, 2017  / Building a Just Peace