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Our 2020 Vision: Seeing the Feminist Future

The world seems trapped in crises, protracted and new. We’ve hurtled dangerously close to war with Iran, which would threaten countless lives. Fires are raging in Australia, devastating ecosystems. In too many places, right-wing politics of bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny dominate.

Confronting this reality, resistance can feel like an end in itself. It demands that we do our part to protect people in harm’s way, safeguard our environment and build communities resilient enough to weather the storms ahead.

Thank you for your support that enables our partners -- grassroots women worldwide -- to organize and fight back. Last year, we defended activists in Colombia imprisoned in retaliation for standing up for rights. We supported women mobilizing in Iraq’s uprising for peace and democracy -- part of a global wave of protests that I wrote about in the Los Angeles Times. We amplified the voices of women climate defenders in Kenya demanding just climate policy on the international stage.

Each day, we stand with our partners to oppose violence, exploitation, and repression. Our resistance is not only to protect lives. We also do it to breathe more feminist futures to life -- and to experience them in the here-and-now.

That conviction -- to pull feminist futures into the present -- will drive our work forward in 2020 and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of what that work looks like.

  • We’re mobilizing for a renewed politics of peace around the world and right here in the US. We will support our partners in their grassroots organizing to end violence and sustain communities in the crosshairs of violence -- in Iraq, Yemen, Colombia, Syria and beyond. And through our Feminist Foreign Policy Jumpstart, we’ll build connections between US peace activists and global counterparts to advocate for a more just US foreign policy.
  • We’re ramping up our resourcing for the activism of young women and girls. Through our VIVA Girls initiative, we’re giving girls the tools they need to grow and thrive, creating space for their leadership and supporting peer-mentorship groups. What’s more, we’re about to make grants -- investing in girl-led programs at a level never before seen in MADRE’s history -- to propel their activism for peace, rights and sustainability.
  • We’re providing urgently needed humanitarian aid, like winter coats for refugee children in Lebanon’s camps, support to rebuild women’s centers in Syria, and clothing and health care for migrants from Central America.
  • We’re sending support to frontline women climate defenders facing worsening storms and droughts in places like Kenya, Sudan and Nicaragua. And knowing that we can only rise to the immense challenge of climate breakdown if we learn from these women, we’re demanding that policymakers in the US and worldwide take action guided by their feminist expertise.

I’m looking ahead to 2020 with hope and determination. Amid the crises we face are also the possibilities we can create. That’s because, no matter what happens, our partners will always care for their communities. That fundamental truth is the cornerstone of the world we’re building.

Thank you for standing with us as we strengthen resistance and move closer to our vision of a world where human rights and environmental sustainability are a reality for all.



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January 15, 2020