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MADRE Celebrates International Workers' Day

Today is International Workers' Day! At MADRE, we are taking this moment to recognize the vital work that women do around the world–both inside the home and out. We're joined by the women of our partner organizations worldwide, who are fighting for their labor rights. Click on the links below for some examples of our partners and their projects.

Guatemala: Barcenas Health and Dignity Project

Poor women in Guatemala face deplorable conditions and earn subsistence wages in local maquilas (sweatshops). MADRE and our partners at the Barcenas Women Workers' Committee are promoting health and security for women and families in the Barcenas neighborhood of Guatemala City through a combination of community-based projects and human rights advocacy.

Sudan: Women Farmers Unite

Many traditional farmers in Sudan are women, yet the government's farm aid programs traditionally exclude women, denying them credit and agricultural inputs, such as seeds and fertilizer. MADRE and our partners at Zenab for Women in Development support women farmers so that they can assert their rights and grow the food their families need to survive.