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Happy International Women's Day!

There are moments of such immense power that they catch your breath.

Like this, when a woman finally escaped from ISIS territory — and felt this moment of sheer relief and freedom:

Or just weeks ago, when a Guatemalan court found two former soldiers guilty of sexual slavery against Indigenous women. As I wrote here, in this moment of celebration after the verdict, women found some measure of justice after years of silencing and repression:

Or the moment when a group of high school girls in Kenya came together as friends and graduated as a new generation of leaders.

Moments like this are why we fight — today, on International Women's Day, and every single day.

I'm not just thinking of the moments that grab headlines. I'm also talking about the countless moments in women's lives across the world — when a girl picks up a pen and learns to write, when women help each other escape abuse, when women organize together in quiet backrooms or on loud streets.

Together — you, MADRE and our sisters worldwide — we create moments that bend the arc of our reality towards justice for all women and girls.

Thank you. And Happy International Women's Day!

In celebration,

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P.S. Will you be in New York next week? Click here for more information on MADRE's event series New Direction on the Road to Rights. I hope you can attend!