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Generosity in Action: Shipping Humanitarian Aid to Nicaragua

Excitement and camaraderie were part of every step of the process as we packed our recent humanitarian aid shipment—of over 115 boxes!—to CADPI and Wangki Tangni, two of MADRE’s partners in Nicaragua. It was satisfying to be able to contribute to MADRE through Helping Hands because the work we completed was tangible and our progress was visible every day. The donations included everything from medical supplies, crutches, walkers, glasses and contacts to toys, seeds and fabric—items that our partners’ communities wouldn’t usually have access to.

We had the opportunity to be part of this large shipment’s journey in a very significant way. After reaching MADRE’s office, we sorted the goods, thanked the donors (thank you donors!) and packed the boxes. Once the packing of all the donations was finally complete, we worked with the organization AFYA, who retrieved the donations to ship to our partners. This was exciting, because it was the final step before the boxes will reach people in need in Nicaragua.

Throughout the shipment process, Helping Hands had numerous volunteers who helped prepare the shipment.  It was refreshing to meet a diverse group of people who were willing to volunteer their time and share the common interest of assisting in MADRE’s work.

MADRE’s Helping Hands depends on generosity to make our campaigns successful. Without the generous donations of time, money and material goods offered by MADRE supporters, Helping Hands would not be able to pack and ship over 115 boxes filled with vital  supplies.

Donations are always greatly appreciated regardless of how small or simple they may appear. Any form of generosity makes a difference.