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Flashlights and Safe Birthing Kits for Syrian Women

Imagine fleeing your home to escape the violence of a devastating civil war. This is the reality for millions of Syrian refugee women and girls now struggling with trauma, grief, poverty and ongoing violence.

As the crisis worsens, MADRE has continued to mobilize an emergency response. We have provided urgent aid to women and families living in refugee camps. We also saw that those outside of established refugee camps face extra needs for health care and humanitarian aid.

Thanks to your support, MADRE delivered 150 safe birthing kits to women in Jarabulus camp inside Syria. These contained a sterile surface, sterilizing hand wipes, and scalpels. They also included sanitary napkins, baby clothing, and vitamins.

MADRE was also able to send 150 windup flashlights to Syrian refugee women living in Jordan. Our sisters there distributed the flashlights as a vital guard against night-time attacks and sexual violence.

The conflict in Syria rages on. But thanks to you, we can help keep Syrian women and their families healthy and safe.

Delivery of the flashlights.


January 24, 2014  / Middle East / Ending Gender Violence