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#Beyond100Days: Guard Our Climate

We’ve made it through the first 100 days of the Trump administration. It was a period marked by chaos and continued assaults on our rights and freedoms, in the US and around the world. 

But at the same time, there’s been hope. Our progressive movements have grown in strength and in numbers, mobilizing a powerful resistance to policies fueled by hate and fear. It’s on us all to sustain this momentum – through the next 100 days and beyond.

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The Trump administration has declared war on environmental protections and launched efforts to roll back effective climate policy, both nationally and globally:

Our Feminist Foreign Policy Demands

We call on the US to:

  • Take immediate action to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. To do so, we must implement policies that reduce energy consumption, and ban fracking and other climate destroying industries.
  • Bring grassroots women’s voices to climate policy decision-making spaces. As stewards of natural resources and the environment, rural and Indigenous women have innovated local, sustainable protections against climate change, like installing seed banks, protecting local water sources or running sustainable farms. Policymakers must invest in these local solutions and seek women’s guidance for sustainable practices to adapt and replicate.
  • Support local women as critical first responders in climate disaster, like famines. Women often care for the most vulnerable in their communities, including children and the elderly. And they have the social networks in place to distribute emergency aid and vital information to those most in need.

Our Resistance with Women Worldwide – And You

With climate change skeptics now in charge of US climate policy, we’re redoubling our efforts to protect women and communities suffering from food shortages, droughts, floods and diseases linked to this growing danger.

  • We install clean water wells and train women to harvest and conserve rainwater in Kenyan communities facing unrelenting drought.
  • We stock seed banks to feed hungry families and support farmers’ markets for Indigenous women farmers in Nicaragua.
  • We raise our local partners’ voices in international climate talks to bring their sustainable solutions to policymakers.
  • We stand with climate activists around the world who demand a healthy planet and just policies, including the People’s Climate March on April 29.

Join us as we advance these demands and our on-the-ground resistance!

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