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Young Indigenous Women Building Movement in the Philippines

A group of young girls work on an activity around a table with markers and color paper.

Priority Community | Indigenous Girls and Young Women

Region | Asia

The Challenge:

President Duterte’s authoritarian government is working to dismantle the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines, as the state seizes Indigenous land to benefit extractive industries. With an increasing military presence on their ancestral lands, Indigenous communities are at risk as are their livelihoods, culture, and tradition. And Indigenous organizing efforts and collective action are met with intimidation and force.

Kabataang IPnay's Contribution:

The Young Indigenous Women's Collective works to build a network of solidarity among young Indigenous women in the Philippines, while highlighting the unique obstacles and strengths of each of their communities.

The Kabataang IPnay collective articulates and amplifies the issues, challenges, and aspirations of Indigenous young women in the Philippines. They are planning a convening of 50 young women from across the country to foster leadership and build community.  Young leaders are curating safe spaces for young Indigenous women and girls to share resources and challenges they face in their families and communities. Through their united voices, they continue to build a movement by and for Indigenous girls, strengthen themselves as Indigenous young women and contribute to the larger struggle of the Indigenous community in the Philippines.

How You Can Help