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TK & Cipriana Quann

TK & Cipriana pose together in the center of a street

The Quann Sisters

Identical twin sisters, writers, artists, and models TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann, also known as the Quann Sisters, are often celebrated for their keen sense of style, admired for their advocacy for diversity/inclusivity in the fashion industry, and renowned for their stance on social issues.

Through their advocacy work and personal essays, they've shared their experiences with discrimination and how they overcame bullying. In addition, they've talked about their tumultuous childhoods and healing from trauma, turning their pain into a message of triumph by encouraging women to embrace their inner and outer beauty without conforming to the backward ideals of stereotypical definitions of beauty.

Recently, they co-founded the online platform arRested Voices Lifted (AVL), a community and safe space designed to amplify the voices of the unheard who are adversely affected by discrimination, abuse, and systemic racism while providing ways of support through education, healing, and storytelling.

"We have always believed in the power of using one's voice as the catalyst for action and change. Supporting an imperative organization such as MADRE aligns with our deep passion for activism and amplifying voices and causes that deserve the spotlight."

MADRE is thrilled to welcome the Quann Sisters as our newest Champions! We look forward to collaborating in the weeks, months, and years to come.

What Is a MADRE Champion?

MADRE Champions are celebrities and influencers representing a wide range of industries, who are passionate about social justice issues and highlight our work to uplift the leadership of visionary young women and girls, Indigenous women, Afro-descendant women, LGBTQI+ people, and people with disabilities. They use their platforms to bring increased visibility to our efforts to address our partners' most urgent needs and forge opportunities for women and girls to assert their agency and create lasting social change. ­­

What does a MADRE Champion do?

Becoming a MADRE Champion is an opportunity to raise awareness about our longstanding commitment  as a global women’s human rights organization and feminist fund to end gender violence and help survivors heal; advance climate justice and amplify our partners' vital interventions and strategies to confront climate breakdown; and build a just peace while uplifting the work of women and girls to avert, resolve, and build back from war and conflict. The role of a MADRE Champion is designed to be a flexible and rewarding partnership for all involved! To learn more, contact MADRE's Associate Director of Communications and Marketing, Cait Mackaman, at