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DeLisha Tapscott

Senior Director of People and Culture

DeLisha Tapscott hails from the Washington, DC, area, and currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD, where she lives with her husband, mother, and two children. When she is not working, she is wrapping up her doctoral program focused on Organizational Leadership with a participatory action research lens. Her academic focus has been on the non-profit and education sectors, as she has dedicated her research to bringing the stories of marginalized communities to the forefront to help change environments into spaces of support that honor and cherish intersectional identities.

Before working at MADRE, she focused on facilitating courageous conversations, leading internal equity-focused culture development work, and providing support to external facing projects that impacted marginalized communities across the United States. Outside of work, she began using her knowledge within the #SayHerName movement to help others become a catalyst for change. With a focal point on Black women, she believed that "Black women and their stories are ignored. They become whispers in the background, ghosts in the night." She has spoken at Harvard University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Maryland on social justice, Black women, and intersectionality.