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Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq

Partner in Iraq

A National Women’s Organization Dedicated to Rebuilding Iraq

The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), founded in 2003, is pioneering work to rebuild Iraq with secular democracy and human rights for all. OWFI has developed innovative anti-violence and political empowerment strategies for women across Iraq. OWFI advocates on behalf of women who are most marginalized, including those who are incarcerated, widowed, displaced or battered.

OWFI is combating a sharp rise in violence against women that has gripped Iraq, in particular since the ISIS invasion. OWFI provides comprehensive services to women who have been targeted with violence, including the first women’s shelters in the non-Kurdish part of Iraq. They established women's shelters to provide Iraqi women with a safe place to turn for security and support, and advocate on behalf of the most marginalized populations in Iraq, including those who are incarcerated, widowed, displaced, battered, or victims or at risk of honor crimes. 

Your Support in Action

“If I stay, I know I will die. To live, I must escape.”