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Midwives for Peace

Midwives for Peace is a grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives working together to ensure that childbirth is a joyous and safe experience for women despite the armed conflict that surrounds them.

By bringing Palestinian and Israeli midwives together, Midwives for Peace fulfills urgent humanitarian needs, promotes reproductive rights, and builds peace.

Midwives for Peace offers a number of services to midwives in Palestine and Israel:

  • They provide childbirth workshops and trainings

  • They create space for midwives to share best practices

  • They provide safe delivery kits that reduce maternal and infant mortality


Midwives for Peace saves lives by providing critical prenatal care and childbirth support.

In the West Bank, Israeli military roadblocks and restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement stand in the way of safe, healthy, and joyful births. These obstacles prevent parents from reaching hospitals and accessing reproductive health care. Pregnant people often receive no prenatal care and deliver in unsafe conditions or without a skilled health worker.

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Resist in Body

By offering pregnant people prenatal and childbirth care, Midwives for Peace supports women’s reproductive health, rights, and autonomy.

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The People’s Peace

With MADRE’s support, Midwives for Peace brings Palestinian and Israeli midwives together to act on their commitment to their profession and to peace, overcoming the divide imposed by the US-supported occupation.

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Midwives for Peace demands an end to the US-supported occupation of Palestine, which divides communities and prevents pregnant people from accessing essential healthcare.

Opposing restrictive policies that threaten women’s health

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“Do your work with love, not hate or anger…We need everyone from all walks of life to be part of this movement.”

Aisha Saifi Coordinator, Midwives for Peace
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We partnered with Midwives for Peace for the Safe Birth Project, bridging the divide between Palestinian and Israeli midwives.

Our meetings and workshops allow the midwives to share expertise and learn concrete skills.

Bringing midwives together builds bonds of friendship that transcends the conflict around them.



MADRE and Midwives for Peace provide safe delivery kits that save lives during childbirth. These packages contain vital supplies like sterile gauze, gloves, blankets, and prenatal supplements.

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Richard Panasevich

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