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2022: Our biggest year yet

In 2022, MADRE will increase our grantmaking to partners, ensuring that they are set up for even greater success. They’ll be able to: 

  • withstand and respond to crises and play a critical role as first responders 
  • strengthen their organizations and movements
  • contribute to policy solutions that promote gender equality, peace, and environmental sustainability.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll see in our grantmaking:

  • Supporting sexual and reproductive rights: We’ll ensure that women and girls have access to safe and reliable information and services, as well as autonomy of their sexual and reproductive health. 
  • Resourcing feminist peacebuilding: We’ll support our partners as they prevent, survive, and recover from war and advance their rights in the process. 
  • Mobilizing funding for climate resilience and economic justice: We’ll resource our partners as they lead local disaster recovery; and as they provide economic stability for the most marginalized people in frontline communities facing climate disasters.
  • Investing in a new generation of girl and young women leaders: We’ll fund intergenerational programming that uplifts the leadership and perspective of girls on climate justice, democracy, refugee and disability rights, and freedom from violence for LGBTIQ people.
  • Strengthening laws around gender persecution: We’ll increase international bodies and courts' understanding of gender persecution. There are laws in place but rarely upheld, due to a lack of wide recognition and understanding around perpetrators intent to discriminate against a group based on their gender. 
  • Transforming US foreign policy: We’ll ensure that US foreign policy is rooted in the priorities of social movements and of women and gender non-conforming people of color. We’ll mobilize to revitalize the US peace movement and to increase understanding of militarism’s impacts domestically and globally. 
  • Raising awareness on the impact of economic sanctions: We’ll influence US policy by  informing policymakers and the public on the harmful and gendered impact of US economic sanctions, which disproportionately harm women, girls, and LGBTIQ people.
  • Pushing forth the Feminist Green New Deal: We’ll raise awareness of the intersections between feminism, climate justice, anti-militarism, and Indigenous rights.
January 25, 2022