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No Borders on a Mother's Love

The bond between a mother and child is powerful beyond words. She will risk it all, work harder than she thought possible, to make sure her child is safe and well. Harmful government policies that separate families and undermine communities are an attack on that bond. This Mother’s Day, we’re standing with mothers under attack by right-wing policies of division.

Supporting the Mothers of Dreamers

In Tijuana, Mexico, we’re supporting a group of mothers who were deported from the US and separated from their children — sometimes for years on end.  Our support helps them to provide legal aid and counseling, and to advocate for just immigration policies. Watch the video below to learn more about them.

Standing with Mothers of Migrants

Mothers across Central America, where MADRE has worked for decades, want to secure a future for their children - like any parent would. And for many of their children, they have few options to escape the desperation and violence that surrounds them, from threats by gangs to domestic violence to grinding poverty. They make the long, dangerous journey to the US to seek a safer life.

Then, some mothers of migrant children face their worst nightmare: their children disappear. Some mothers search for years to learn what happened to them.

We're supporting an organization that mobilizes these mothers of disappeared migrant children. Our support will help them organize together and make connections with mothers of migrants all around the world, to build solidarity together.

We’re also partnering with a network of Palestinian and Israeli midwives. In the West Bank, where military checkpoints prevent pregnant women from accessing clinics, we help these midwives provide vital prenatal and birthing care including gatherings where midwives exchange expertise and safe birth kits.