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Meet Fairoz and Awaz

In the nearly two years since ISIS invaded Iraq, we’ve heard countless stories of despair. Of entire families killed, of girls and women raped and sold into sexual slavery. It’s easy to feel helpless after hearing such horrific stories.

But never forget: even amid these horrors, there are glimmers of hope. And those glimmers shine brightly at the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), our activist partners on the ground.

Take Awaz and Fairoz, for example. Thanks to the support of MADRE members like you, they work with OWFI to run our brand new shelter and rape crisis center for Yazidi girls who have survived ISIS sexual slavery. Both young and vibrant, it’s nearly impossible to meet them and not become filled with hope for what they bring to the future of Iraq.

Here are Fairoz (left) and Awaz (right) at a recent MADRE human rights training in Iraq. Want to learn more about them?

Meet Fairoz

“My greatest goal is to support to the Yazidi women who have survived ISIS. How can we give them a better life?”

Meet Awaz

“Let me tell you something. Women and girls can achieve a lot when we support each other.”

Awaz, Fairoz and our partners at OWFI usher women and girls fleeing ISIS to the safety of our shelters, and so much more. Through human rights education at our shelters, they also are imagining – and rebuilding – a peaceful Iraq. And they do it with your support.  Thank you.

It’s not too late to support MADRE’s work in Iraq – and all our lifesaving work in communities facing war and disaster around the world. Learn more!

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