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Make a Planned Gift

Planned Giving enables you to play a crucial role in supporting long-term positive change for women and families worldwide. Through arranging a Planned Giving gift, you can continue to play an important role in the issues that matter to you most. The legacy of your impact will help to ensure that MADRE's future remains bright. Planned Giving covers a wide range of options, including income-generating gifts, transfers of real estate, stock donations, and bequests. Read on to learn more.​

MADRE's Preferred Planned Giving Options

Gifts of Stock (Gifts of Appreciated Property)

Gifts of stock are a common way for donors to give current gifts without depleting their financial resources. Benefits to the donor include receiving a federal tax deduction of the full market value (selling price) for each stock contribution, avoiding capital gains tax and not triggering the federal alternative minimum tax.

To make a gift of stock to MADRE, call 212-627-0444 for our account information-DTC number, account custodian, broker name, account name and account number. At that time, we will make a record of the name of the donor, the names and number of shares of the stock being donated, the current value of the stock and the name of the broker.


On average, 80 percent of planned gifts in the United States are made in the form of bequests. They are the simplest form of planned giving because they entail little more than adding an organization such as MADRE to your will.

To include MADRE in your will, simply list our name and tax identification (or EIN) number, which is 13-3280194. Once you have added these to your will, you maintain the option of adjusting the size of the gift as you wish.

The Benefits of Planned Giving: An Example

Following is an example of a Gift of Appreciated Securities (stock), which benefits MADRE the same way a cash gift does while offering these benefits to the donor:

  • A federal tax deduction of the full market value (selling price) for each stock contribution you make.
  • No capital gains taxes.
  • No federal alternative minimum tax.

Current Market Value of Stock Gift


Cost Basis (Original Cost)


Capital Gain


Income Tax Deduction for Donor


Tax Savings from Deduction


Capital Gains Tax Avoided

($8, 000 x 15% capital gains tax rate)


Total Tax Savings ($3, 500 + $1,200)                                      


Benefit to MADRE


We welcome your questions and input as you consider making a planned gift to MADRE, and will be happy to discuss any of these options in detail with you and your financial planner. For more information, please contact Yifat Susskind, Executive Director, at (212) 627-0444 or

"MADRE is the one organization that I will continue to support even as money is scarce and family issues draw down my limited salary. Through their determined and small scale, focused work, MADRE has impacted generations of men and women all over the world by meeting the women with compassion and genuine investment in their dreams. Please keep it up, please pass the passion on to the next generation of US women–MADRE is a national treasure." – Lynn, member since 1986