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MADRE’s Emergency Response

Afghanistan & Haiti

The ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan and the magnitude 7.2 earthquake and tropical storm that hit Haiti spurred MADRE to take immediate action. We are providing humanitarian relief, like food, water, and healthcare to support girls and women in these countries.

We're partnering with networks of grassroots women's groups on the frontlines of these crises. We’re able to get support where it's needed most and in ways that prioritize the women and families most at risk.

On August 14, 2021, a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, with more than 2,000 people killed and thousands more injured in the catastrophe. Days later, Tropical Storm Grace hit, impeding an already complicated search and rescue mission. MADRE jumped into action to support our partners.

We've partnered with the Haitian Women's Collective to mobilize medical supplies, food aid, and clean water to those affected by the earthquake. As they recover, they are also responding with proven methods to prevent gender-based violence, which invariably surges in the wake of disasters like this.

Fleur de Vie member hands out PPE during a COVID-19 awareness initiative in Haiti.
An afghan woman stands in the center of the photo holding on to her hijab. She has a sullen facial expression.

After 20 years of a failed and destructive US war, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. In the provinces they control, women and girls are in serious danger.

Our Afghan Women's Survival Fund is designed to protect women who have stood up for human rights, and who now face an upsurge in targeted attacks by the Taliban. This fund supports an underground escape and support network for those who need emergency relocation and provides humanitarian aid for women and families facing shortages of food, fuel, and water due to the collapse of the government, COVID-19, and drought.


In Afghanistan, our priority is preventing women and girls from being assassinated and enslaved by the Taliban. Right now, fighters are going door to door, painting big pink marks on the houses of women they deem to have stepped out of line. We know from experience that these marks are death warrants, and we are doing all we can to provide emergency relocation to women who are being targeted.

We're providing our partners with money for travel, fuel, food, medical care, and secure communications technology. Most of our partners are unable to travel abroad, so we are prioritizing an in-country escape and support network for relocation.

Woman and girls in hijab sit together.