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Peace Building

Peace depends on women. 

Grassroots women on the frontlines of war mobilize to bring humanitarian aid to those most in danger.  They confront the specific violence that women disproportionately face, including rape as a weapon of war. They mobilize to offer shelter, care and protection. Women negotiate local ceasefires, in places like Syria and Colombia, creating the building blocks of peace.

This firsthand expertise makes them indispensable to successful peace. They can help ensure that peace agreements reflect most people's needs, not just the demands of armed groups. And when a peace agreement is signed, women play a crucial role in making sure it takes hold in the communities they know so well. Yet despite this essential role, women’s voices are often overlooked in peace talks and negotiations. As if the priorities of a small group of men with guns are somehow more important. Peace agreements that ignore women simply don’t work. In fact, over 50% fail within five years, often reigniting violence.

Together with our partners, we confront the use of rape as a weapon of war, the exploitation of children as soldiers, and the many ravages of war. We offer trauma counseling, shelter, health care and education. And we advocate with women for policies that create lasting peace and support war survivors.

Through your valued commitment, MADRE supports grassroots women’s groups striving to create safe, just communities in which everyone can thrive.


"Women best understand the needs of their families and communities. Peace agreements that ignore women simply don’t work."

Midwives for Peace saves lives by providing critical prenatal care and childbirth support to women.

Mother, sister, daughter, wife. These are words we often use to describe women. But consider these words: peacemaker, negotiator, agent of change. 

While war raged, grassroots female peace activists have sought to bring protection and healing into embattled communities and into the peace process.

Your Support in Action

Peace is not just an absence of violence – it’s an active pursuit, nurtured by courageous people who hold their families and communities in their hearts.

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