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Combating Violence Against Women


Rape used as a weapon of war. Domestic abuse used to enforce submission. Worldwide, women face violence that strips them of power and agency. It devastates those who are targeted and destroys the social fabric of families, communities and societies. Violence against women occurs in every country and to women from all walks of life.  It is one of the world’s most widespread abuses of human rights.

And we can stop it.

Together with our partners, we help women to heal from abuse and become powerful advocates for every woman’s right to a life free of violence. We build clinics and counseling centers. We send girls to school. We equip women with tools to prevent sexual assault in war and in the aftermath of disasters.  And every day, we affirm that violence against women doesn’t have to be a fact of life.


"Women Confronting ISIS: How Can We End Rape as a Weapon of War?"

OWFI Iraq Radio Station

Your Support in Action

We have great news! OWFI has found a space on a new frequency that reaches 98% of the country, to air Al Mousawaat radio programs. And we just resumed broadcasts!

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Guilty: What the Sepur Zarco Trial Means for Women’s Rights Worldwide

Survivors of wartime sexual violence in Guatemala have secured a landmark victory in the Sepur Zarco trial: a win for international human rights in a domestic court. read more

Open Letter Condemning the Assassination of Berta Cáceres

We call on Honduras to demonstrate to the international community that you are serious about ending a pattern of impunity and attacks against environmental and human rights defenders by allowing and facilitating an independent and thorough investigation into the assassination of Berta Cáceres. read more

Shelters Without Walls: Women Building Protective Infrastructures Against Rape

Women from Colombia, Syria, Nicaragua and Iraq are implementing multi-layered prevention strategies in their communities against rape being used as a weapon of war, offering immediate protection and countering stigma. read more

What Will It Take to Stop ISIS Using Rape as a Weapon of War?

When so many women have been raped by ISIS fighters, the stigma surrounding survivors is gradually being eroded. read more

Women Out Loud, Episode 1: My Body Is Not Your Battlefield

In this episode of MADRE's podcast Women Out Loud, you will learn how our brave partners in Colombia, Iraq and Syria are addressing wartime sexual violence. 

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